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Tomorrow the world will smile!

Oh my goodness! You humans, you make me sad. I cry a lot because of you, human! You keep hurting me, and you make me so dirty and I am unhappy about it. This is the world crying because of our behaviors. I’m here today for the world, and I’m here to ask for help from all of us here.

            Ladies and Gentlemen the world is worse day-to-day and generally there are 2 major problems caused by us: social issues and natural disasters that the world is facing now a day. In other word, when you look at it closely, then you will see that you are the one who cause all these problems. Surely, we know that the world is not in a good condition right now, and tomorrow it may be worse. Yet, humans still ignore and don’t care about the world. Humans only care about their personal business and happiness. Humans are even more selfish because they think that tomorrow does not come yet. Thinking like “why do I need to conserve natural resources?” and why bothering to heal the world for the future? Just carry on making money to their pocket and developing technology for now with its negative consequences for your selfishness here and now comfort and benefit have your finest pizza, sitting lazily with your latest blackberry.III because it’s all about Me Me Me.

            ‘I love the world’ this is the statement that I’ve heard during these past few years. I don’t know whether humans truly love the world or it’s just a fad. But from actions and today events like the protesting, fighting, cutting down trees and producing pollutions I say that humans love the world in the wrong way, selfish way. If they still continue to give this kind of love to the world, the world will never smile. In my dreams I always see the beautiful world with lots of natural resources, I see people live together with peace and harmony which is so different from the reality which makes me realized that it’s time for us to wake up and make the world better for the next generations.

            From the present day situations I believe that morality is the key to cure the wounded world. First of all, let me point out what causes the problems. Greed and selfishness is the root of social problems, our hands and our habits are the root of natural disasters.

            I beg you all to cut down your greed and selfishness, you may argue with me in your mind that you are not greedy and you are not selfish. I am human like all of you so I know that we have both of these inside our heart. Some are so greedy and selfish but some are greedy and selfish. I would like to suggest that live your life in a sufficient way. Live your life with need not want. Greed makes the world worse; it creates gaps between the rich and the poor. It makes the poor people lack of chances in many ways. Selfishness makes you forget about the others, it makes you become a monster because you won’t know how to love, to care and to give.

            I’m down on my knees, please hold on the morality. Learn how to give, to share and to do something in return. Our hands destroy lots of natural resources so from now on let’s use our two hands to conserve the world. Stop cutting down trees but growing more trees in return. If you are the rich people, learn to give chances to the poor. To educate them is to make them understand more about the world so they will be able to help us to heal the world.

            Lastly, if what I have suggested can be in your mind and heart. I’m positively sure that there will be no one die or injured by the natural disaster. Certainly, we will live in this world together with peace and harmony; no matter what nationality, skin colors or religions we are, and we absolutely will have a better standard of living, the world will also be ready for the next generations.

            At the end of the day, I believe that if when we wake up and see it as our duty in healing the world the world will be better in a blink of our eyes. If all of us take some actions from today, tomorrow the world will smile back at you!

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